Association Records


The Dublin & District United Churches Indoor Bowling Association which was established in 1963 grew out of a group of indoor bowling clubs that had been playing each other on a regular, but informal basis for some years in the 1950s.

Rohu Cup

The Rohu Cup was presented by Charles Rohu in 1965, during the second year of the Association and is still awarded to the winners of the senior competition. Mr. Rohu (d. July 1996, aged 99 years) was the second Association President for the season 1965 – 1966.

McIlwaine Cup

In response to the enlarging membership of the Association, Sam McIlwaine presented a cup in 1967 for a second division competition. Mr. McIlwaine (d. 1982) was Association President for the season 1966 – 1967.

Price Cup

In 1970, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Price presented a cup for a competition to be played for by those beginning to bowl, and to encourage players in a growing Association. Mr. Price was Association President 1970 – 1972.

Hope Cup

A knock-out competition for teams of four lady players was established in 1971 for a cup presented by Stan Hope. Mr. Hope was Association President for the season 1971 – 1972 and Honorary Secretary for 26 years, 1973 – 1999. He was elected President for a second season at the AGM in September 2001.

Gordon Miller Memorial Trophy

The Association purchased a Trophy in 1975 for a knock-out competition for teams of four gentlemen players in memory of Gordon Miller. Mr. Miller was the founding President of the Association in 1963 and was Honorary Secretary to the time of his death in 1973.

Kerr Trophy

In 2009, Mr. Bob Kerr (St. Mary’s, Crumlin Indoor Bowling Club) presented a trophy, first used for a competition to be played for on a league basis by a single mixed rink of four players. Mr. Kerr suggested the competition so as to provide a league for small bowling clubs and those without a large enough membership to run two or more full teams.

Mr. Bob Kerr was Association President 1988 – 1989 and the Hon. Treasurer 1991 – 2012, just the second person to hold that position in the Association. He also instituted an Annual Dinner and Presentation of Trophies in 2000 that ran until 2011.