For Club Secretaries

All Club Secretaries should be familiar with the Rules of the Association and the Laws of the Game and ensure that Club members are equally familiar with them – available here.

Registering Players

Association Rule 10. Competitions states:

(c) Any club entering more than one team in the competitions shall be required before playing in any competition to register with the Honorary Secretary eight players …

More information on this and how to register players – available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Association Hon. Secretary is often asked a question relating to the interpretation of the Rules of the Association or the Laws of the Games.

Some of the more recent questions (and answers) can be seen here.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU)

As for all organisations, the Association is required to observe GDPR – a statement on data protection is available here.

Dates for the season

AGM – Tuesday 17 September 2019

Full list of the Season’s dates here.

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