Frequently Asked Questions

The Association Hon. Secretary is often asked a question relating to the interpretation of the Rules of the Association or the Laws of the Games.  Here are some of the more recent questions and responses of the Hon. Secretary.


Q.  Some Clubs’ scoreboards are so small, they are too difficult to see by players.

A.  As the Rules of the Association and the Laws of the Game are silent on the size of scoreboards, we can only advise Clubs to use legible scoreboards.

This is something that can be usefully raised at an AGM.

Q.  Some clubs only use “flip-over” scoreboards for competitive matches.

A. The Association’s view is that teams must insist that the shots scored on each end be recorded on a scoreboard even when flip-over scoreboards are available.  The detailed scoreboard can be consulted easily by skips and umpires in case of a dispute.

Q. The Association should post questions received and answers given on the website.

A. The Executive Committee tries to respond to all Clubs’ requests!